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Because Dogs are Born to Play stuff for dogs is proud to carry Tether Tug. in Plano, Texas. Sometimes plans change.  We did not set out to be a dog toy company. Thankfully though, that is where we ended up!  Little did we know that a pet project in our group would ignite a passion to develop fun, healthful, and interactive products for something dear to our hearts………Dogs!   We love dogs!  They are integral valued members of our families. 

What began as a toy to help Lizzy, a lovely mixed breed rescue, burn energy and spend time with her person grew into Tether Tug Interactive Dog Toys.  Our toys are designed to benefit the whole dog--physical, mental, and emotional.   Our mission at Tether Tug is to provide products that contribute to dogs’ overall well being by challenging them physically and mentally.  Activity that engages a dog physically & mentally will also benefit a dog emotionally.  We all know they have feelings!  Ours feel strongly about treats, couch snuggle time, and chipmunks that invade their yard.

Dog Toys

  • BIG Tether Tug
  • Small Tether Tug
  • Handheld Tug Toy For Dogs
  • Ball Toy Plus
  • Bite Tug Toy
  • Braided Fleece Toy

Come visit our pet supply store in Plano, TX specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.