Why a Self Service Dog Wash?

Simply put, we clean up the mess! Most dog owners are reluctant to bathe their dogs because the bathtub becomes full of fur and the house smells of wet dog for weeks. By using our self wash services these problems are eliminated! Our custom-designed, waist-height tubs keep your back and knees from aching. Save space and money by not keeping dog spa products everywhere and keep your towels fresh and free of dog fur.

Washing your dog at WOOF can be a great family experience. Kids love helping to wash their dogs!  You provide the dog and we provide the rest!

Self-Serve Wash    $14.95 – $18.95

Don’t want to wash your own dog?  Not sure how to cut and style your pup’s hair?

No worries.  Call to schedule an appointment with Katie.  214.263.4469  

Katie’s love and respect for all animals set her apart in the grooming industry and put animals at ease around her.  She believes every dog should be treated as one of her own and deserves services specifically designed to fit his or her unique personality.