We are relocating to 2929 Custer Rd at the SW corner of Parker Rd. and Custer Rd.  We have had some unexpected construction delays, but anticipate re-opening in February.

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Here at WOOF we believe that every dog deserves a healthy and whole life.  We are stocked full of foods and treats for your pet that are natural, wholesome and organic.  My name is Wilbur, and I advise the staff here at WOOF.  They work hard to maintain a diverse selection of natural and fun products sourced as affordably as possible so that all pets can enjoy the benefits of good nutrition and social play.  My job is to make sure that all the stuff tastes good and plays right.  That toys squeak and that the chicken treats are grilled to just the right level of crunchiness.  So bring your folks and friends and out-of-town guests and come show ’em all the cool stuff you want and need…and try a chicken treat while you are here.  I can show you right where they are…

See you soon.


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